Rotor Retro Tour

FIVA World Rally 2024

04-08 / 09 / 2024 FIVA World Event
Ryn Castle /11-520 Ryn/Poland

Club history

It was 1973 when a group of historic automotive enthusiasts decided to set up their own club. As a patron, they chose the largest factory in Olsztyn – OZOS-STOMIL. Unfortunately, the president of the factory, due to certain socialist stereotypes of thinking and aversion to what was happening in the western countries (motorcycle clubs, rockers in the USA) did not agree to take patronage over the club. Fortunately, the inhabitants of Olsztyn did not give up on their dreams and in 1974 they made an agreement with the Automobile Club of Warmia and Mazury, which took them under its wing. This is how VETERAN MOTOKLUB OLSZTYN was created .

An attempt to organize the first rally in 1975 failed because of attendance – only one motorcycle arrived. This was due to the lack of information about the event. In 1976, thanks to the contacts of colleagues from Warsaw, the first official Rally of Veterans Motorcycles took place, which was attended by about 40 motorcycles. Over time, the event became more and more popular. In 1987 the club was given a new name: Veterans Motorcycle Club Rotor Olsztyn. In 1989, the club gained a new patron, MOTOKLUB OLSZTYN. Since 1991, the “ROTOR” Club begins to organize – with the consent of PZMot (Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation) – the Eliminations of the Polish Championship of Historic Vehicles, which significantly raises the importance of Olsztyn meetings. Over time, the club turns into an Association with legal personality. It works dynamically in the organization of rallies and races. During the rallies, historic motorcycles, unheard of even in museums, are presented to the general public, of course live, riding – not as a stationary exhibits. The ROTOR rally is called the “Riding Museum”. Debuts of newly restored unique motorcycles are often presented during the rally . The event organized by the club, ROTOR RETRO TOUR FIVA WORD RALLY 2024, will be also the inauguration of the 50th anniversary of KMW Rotor.