What will we visit

Museum of military equipment in Mrągowo

The Museum of Military Equipment in Mrągowo is a private institution, founded in 2010 by a local collector, Sławomir Trzeciakiewicz . The collection, which the founder of the Museum has been collecting for many years, currently has about 100 vehicles. The most interesting are tracked vehicles – three basic tanks used by the Polish Army since World War II to this day: T-34, T-55 and T-72.



Private collection of vintage motorcycles of Bogdan Romanowski

This is a unique private collection of motorcycles and vintage cars in Poland. The collection includes for example The Holy Grail – SOKÓŁ 500 RS, of which only 3 pieces have been produced. During the tour of the collection, a meal will be provided in the company of the owner of these beautiful machines.



WIRAŻ PUB Bartoszyce

It is a PUB founded by motorcycle enthusiasts and members of the WIRAŻ MC motorcycle club. During the visit there will be a concert of a local band and for sure an excellent atmosphere!

In the evening, after returning to the hotel base, we invite all participants to dinner, which will take place in the main hall of the castle.



Boyen Fortress in Giżycko

Boyen Fortress in Giżycko was built in the years 1843 – 1855 as an object blocking the strategic isthmus between the Niegocin and Kisajno lakes.  In early April 1843 King Frederick William IV gave the order to start construction of the fortress. A project was developed, which assumed the construction of a hexagonal earth and brick dam fort in the immediate vicinity of the city on the so-called Giżycko Island.



Open-air Museum in Węgorzewo

The Museum of Folk Culture in Węgorzewo has existed since 1991 and is located in a historic building in the style of a suburban manor house, which was built around 1737. If you believe the stories of not only “old people”, it has its own ghost – a man in a black leather coat who walks at night on the creaking stairs leading to the first floor of the old manor!



Wolf’s Lair

Decisions to build the Wolf’s Lair were made in 1940, specifically on August 27-29, when Colonel Rudolf Schmundt – head of Hitler ‘s adjutant, Dr. Fritz Todt – Minister of Armament and Ammunition, Major Gerhard Engel – Hitler’s adjutant, reconnaissance of the Gierłoski forest, promising as an area for future quarters. Hitler arrived at the Wolf’s Lair with his people on June 24, 1941. He spent there around of 800 days. The life of all the inhabitants of the quarter focused on him. In 1944 lived there around thousand people, of whom only 20 were women.

In the evening, after completing the tour, we invite everyone to a barbecue dinner and a concert of a local band, which will take place in the outer ward of the castle in Ryn.



The St. Mary’s Sanctuary in Swieta Lipka

Saint Lipka – this is the famous Marian Sanctuary. It is situated on the northern edge of Poland, about 70 kilometers north-east of Olsztyn and 6 kilometers east of Reszel. The beginnings of the Marian Sanctuary date back to the 14th century and we know it only from folk stories passed down orally for several centuries. The most information we can found in documents written down and issued in the 17th century.



Castle in Reszel

From 1243, Reszel formally belonged to the bishops of Warmia, but the Teutonic Knights left it only in 1300. The construction of the castle lasted half a century.  It was started by Bishop John I from Miśni in 1350, continued (from 1355) by John II Stryprock , and finished in 1401 by Henry III Sorbom . Especially the last one was known for his love of splendor, gave the construction a great momentum – at the time was built the southern wing with the bishop’s residential apartments and the cloisters. The stronghold was coupled with the city’s fortifications.

During the visit to the castle, the hosts will provide us with baking local delicacies and a great atmosphere!

At the end of the event, we invite all participants to a gala dinner, which will take place in the main castle hall of the RYN castle. During dinner, we provide great fun at the concert of the HORPYNA band.